quality, environment and safety

"Blocotelha has a Certified Quality Management System since 1999."

Blocotelha has achieved sustainable growth, strategically geared for excellence.

The quality management system is the basis of this growth. Gaining certification for the quality management system is the visible part of the daily effort undertaken by all the employees of this organization, thoroughly reviewed and certified by a renowned international certification body (Bureau Veritas).
Blocotelha is working on a daily basis so that each completed project is the result of its technical ability, more than 30 years of experience, and commitment to ensure that each client will receive full satisfaction of all specifications and requirements.
The CE marking of every fabricated product is acknowledged as a core procedure of the internationalization process.

All fabricated products are CE marked, according to harmonized applicable regulations, which guarantees the delivery of a rated and certified product, compliant with every legal requirement applicable to construction products.
Quality assurance is guaranteed via certification of control processes during fabrication by an international certifying body.

Health, Safety and Environment

The Company has implemented na HSE management system supported by international norms and regulations, as well as best practices developed internally.

Excellence can only be achieved when everyone contributes to continued improvement. Motivated workers are tantamount to quality and ethics. Therefore, all endeavors are taken so that all works fully comply with the best environmental and safety practices, thus ensuring a motivating working environment.


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